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2019.11.27 Dave 1%er:

I would like to thank all the Brothers and supporters for an awesome 15 year anniversary party in Moscow. Absolutely perfect weekend.

2019.11.27 Jaro1%er and Roman1%er, AOA Czechia:

I want to thank all the brothers in Russia for the wonderful hospitality and great time spent with you.

2019.11.27 Benzin1%er:

Thanxto our brothers from Russia for the great Party and hospitality.

One way ... AOA
AOA Czechia

2019.11.25 Odde 1%er / AOA Aalen / Germany:

The Chapter Aalen thanks our brothers in Russia for this amazing weekend. We are proud that we were allowed to celebrate with you. And your hospitality was really impressive! Again a very big thank to our Russian brothers.
Вы уважаете то, чего достигли. Мы с нетерпением ждем возможности отпраздновать с вами снова в следующем году.

Outlaws MC Aalen Germany

2019.11.25 Johan 1%er:

I would like to thank Outlaws mc Russia for a great 15 year party, I had a real good time so thanks all members, probates, hangorounds, supporters, wifes, friends and support clubs for a very nice stay

Johan 1%er

2019.10.11 Psih 1% er:

Best regards for all brothers!

2018.12.29 Dallas:

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year my Friends!

2018.12.24 Benzin1%er:

For all Brothers AOA Russia.

I wish you a further awesome White Black Road that you go.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Black & White Rock 2019.


2018.10.01 Scalle 1%er:

Regards to my Russian brothers, it was great to see you and party with you in Vilnius(LT) special greetings to Satan 1%er and Dlinniy 1%er CU back soon.
LL&R Scalle 1%er AOA Darkside Belgium

2018.08.21 VITT 1%er:

Мои поздравления и добро пожаловать East Gate Prospective chapter!!!

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