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2017.02.15 AOA Belgium:

Welcome on board to PC South side Moscou !!!!

2016.12.29 AOA Czechia:

We wish all Brothers , Prospects , Supporters and Friends the Black and White New Year 2017.

Outlaws MC Czechia

2016.12.22 AOA Belgium:

Merry X-Mass & a great 2017 to all !

2016.02.17 bigvader (supporter):

Stopping by to show my Respect. LL&R SYLO (bigvader supporter Michigan USA)

2016.01.07 go/go1%er:

i wish a merry Christmas nice day and big party

2016.01.01 Corban_Dallas:

Happy New Year Brothers! From Minsk, Belarus

2015.12.24 Alan1%er:

Merry Christmas Brothers
I need an email address that I can send you our Christmas Greeting card to... LL&R

2015.12.23 Tof 1%er le Havre France:

Ï wish a merry Christmas and a happy new year tô all brothers and friends

2015.12.21 Denis 1%er:

I wish to All of U a Merry XMas and Happy NYear.
LL&R from AOA Spain.

2015.12.14 helge aarsrud:

Merry Christmas and a Happy new year. From Prospective Chapter Moss, AOA Norway

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