2019.11.27 Dave 1%er:

I would like to thank all the Brothers and supporters for an awesome 15 year anniversary party in Moscow. Absolutely perfect weekend.

2019.11.27 Jaro1%er and Roman1%er, AOA Czechia:

I want to thank all the brothers in Russia for the wonderful hospitality and great time spent with you.

2019.11.27 Benzin1%er:

Thanxto our brothers from Russia for the great Party and hospitality.

One way ... AOA
AOA Czechia

2019.11.25 Odde 1%er / AOA Aalen / Germany:

The Chapter Aalen thanks our brothers in Russia for this amazing weekend. We are proud that we were allowed to celebrate with you. And your hospitality was really impressive! Again a very big thank to our Russian brothers.
Вы уважаете то, чего достигли. Мы с нетерпением ждем возможности отпраздновать с вами снова в следующем году.

Outlaws MC Aalen Germany

2019.11.25 Johan 1%er:

I would like to thank Outlaws mc Russia for a great 15 year party, I had a real good time so thanks all members, probates, hangorounds, supporters, wifes, friends and support clubs for a very nice stay

Johan 1%er

2019.10.11 Psih 1% er:

Best regards for all brothers!

2018.12.29 Dallas:

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year my Friends!

2018.12.24 Benzin1%er:

For all Brothers AOA Russia.

I wish you a further awesome White Black Road that you go.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Black & White Rock 2019.


2018.10.01 Scalle 1%er:

Regards to my Russian brothers, it was great to see you and party with you in Vilnius(LT) special greetings to Satan 1%er and Dlinniy 1%er CU back soon.
LL&R Scalle 1%er AOA Darkside Belgium

2018.08.21 VITT 1%er:

Мои поздравления и добро пожаловать East Gate Prospective chapter!!!

2018.06.10 Macca1%er:

Happy birthday brother pshyco1%er

2018.02.21 Papy Rider:

LL&R from Papy Black Rider MC Ardennes Belgium SYLO, maybe see you in eurorun

2018.01.03 Gilbert Delporte:

Happy New year and the best for 2018. LL&R
Papy rider, member Black Riders MC Ardennes in Belgium

2017.10.14 Macca1%er:

Was great to meet my Russian brothers in Lithuania , one way AOA.

2017.07.27 Cissco 1%er:

Hey my Brothers, Just wanted to say hello from Dayton, Ohio. It's great in Dayton. LLR, Cissco 1%er

2017.03.01 AOA Montenegro:

Welcome to the Greatest Brotherhood in the World PC Southside Moscow!!!!
AOA Montenegro

2017.02.15 AOA Belgium:

Welcome on board to PC South side Moscou !!!!

2016.12.29 AOA Czechia:

We wish all Brothers , Prospects , Supporters and Friends the Black and White New Year 2017.

Outlaws MC Czechia

2016.12.22 AOA Belgium:

Merry X-Mass & a great 2017 to all !

2016.02.17 bigvader (supporter):

Stopping by to show my Respect. LL&R SYLO (bigvader supporter Michigan USA)

2016.01.07 go/go1%er:

i wish a merry Christmas nice day and big party

2016.01.01 Corban_Dallas:

Happy New Year Brothers! From Minsk, Belarus

2015.12.24 Alan1%er:

Merry Christmas Brothers
I need an email address that I can send you our Christmas Greeting card to... LL&R

2015.12.23 Tof 1%er le Havre France:

Ï wish a merry Christmas and a happy new year tô all brothers and friends

2015.12.21 Denis 1%er:

I wish to All of U a Merry XMas and Happy NYear.
LL&R from AOA Spain.

2015.12.14 helge aarsrud:

Merry Christmas and a Happy new year. From Prospective Chapter Moss, AOA Norway

2015.11.24 Nicky 1%er:

Thank you to all russian brothers for a great party weekend, and a fantastic hospitality!
Nicky 1%er Mechelen Belgium

2015.11.23 Kongo/Nico/Niki 1%ers:

We want to thank our Russian Brothers for the great Hospitality during the anyversary party.
We had a real good time in Russia.
Hope to see you verry soon again.
Wish Vitt1%er a speedy recovery.
It was good to see my Russian family back again.
Bleu eyes 1%er.
Niki 1%er.
Powerrcrew Mechelen Belgium.

2015.11.23 Outlaws MC Ahrweiler Germany:

Thanks a lot to our Russian Brothers for an fantastic Party and for 100 percent organsiation. We had a lot of fun, thats Brotherhood.
See you soon Bros.

Outlaws MC Ahrweiler

2015.11.21 Sinner:

Мои искренние поздравления клубу! Желаю здравия и процветания.

Sinner L,L&R

2015.07.06 Lucky 1%er:

Big thanks for the great party .
hospitaly, location ,brotherhood all over the top
good vodka ;o)

Lucky 1%er
AOA Wallis Switzerland

2015.07.02 Chef 1%er:

Hello brothers! Thank you for a very nice 10'th anniversary party! Hope to see you again soon!

2015.07.02 Wolfy 1%er:

Hello Brothers,
Thank you for the great party, is was wanderfull, good food, good atmospher, very nice organisation!
See you later...
Wolfy 1%er

2015.06.28 Blue Eyes 1%er:

Thanks for the Fucking Great weekend with brothers from all over at your 10th anniversary!!
All perfectly organised thanks to all Russian Brothers, probates and supporters. The rain with the hot weather was absolutely no problem: the live bands, nice people on tables and good food (=wodka) made us forget the rain. Perfect location also!
Always good to go back to Russia, so waiting for the 11th Birthday now :)
Na zdorovye!

Blue Eyes 1%er
OMC Belgium
Chapter Mechelen

2015.06.27 Zocker1%er:

Congratulations on your 10th Anniversary  LL&R  Zocker 1%er

2015.05.05 AOA Spain:

A quick stop on your website to say LL&R to Our Brothers of      Russia.
AOA Costa Blanca Spain

2015.03.22 Olli:

Hi Backström in bisnes in Carelian S.Y.L.O

2015.02.20 Gothic Bikers MC Mongolia:

LLH & Respect, biker brothers!

2014.12.31 Benzin1%er:

Hi Brothers,  we wish you Happy New Year 2015 !

Outlaws mc Czechia

2014.12.20 Wolfy:

Hello Brothers,
Wishes you a Merry Christmas and Happy new year for 2015
One Way AOA
Pc AOA Wallis

2014.12.14 kyle1% er:

Congrats on ten years brothers. Can't stop charlie

2014.12.14 kyle1% er:

Hello to all my brothers over in russia. Much love from your brother in Kentucky usa. Drop me a line sometime. GFOD OFFO

2014.11.24 Damian 1%er:

Really BIG thanks for all Russioon Brothers for hospitality & GREAT Party in Moscow! Was AWESOME!
Damian 1%er

2014.11.22 Влад.:

Я вами восхищаюсь, сейчас мало таких.

2014.11.22 тов. А:

Парни, поздравляю вас с 10-летием! Роста и расширения вам! Так держать!

2014.11.21 Micha1%er:

10 Years AOA Russia
Congratulations from

Chapter Heinsberg
Outlaws MC Germany
Borderland Crew



2014.06.19 Kotyara:

Спасибо за помощь и тёплый приём!!!

2014.06.05 Кащей пока не байкер:

Привет, всем крутые парни. я всю жизнь восхищаюсь вашей смелостью,готовностью постоять за братана,быть настоящим мужиком с яйцами.!!!в наше пидорское время где все стали проститутками ради бабла вы единственный пример как воспитывать настоящих парней.очень хорошо что вы пропагондируете этот дух свободы и братства,здорово что клуб "в не закона" существует и процветает почти век!!!!мне 40 лет, у меня нет байка, я не был в клубах, но я очень надеюсь хоть как то помочь клубу.спасибо с уважением.
Hi, all cool guys. all my life I admire your courage,willingness to stand up for bro,be a real man with eggs.!!! our queer time where all become prostitutes for the loot you only example of how to raise these Parnate well that you propagandirovat this spirit of freedom and brotherhood,cool that club "in no law exists and thrives almost a century!!!!I 40 years, I don't have a bike, I was not in the clubs, but I hope somehow to help clubusacasino with respect

2014.05.25 PC AOA Wallis Switzerland:

Just passing to send you a Big Hello from Switzerland to all Brothers in Russia
See you soon

All Prospective Chapter
AOA Wallis

2014.05.22 Sinner:

Привет вам парни от Phuket chapter Thailand. Скоро увидимся!

2014.02.17 Congo 1%er:

Wanna say hello to my russian brothers.
it was a pleasure to spend an evening with some of you.
O.F.F.O. G.F.O.D.

2014.02.10 sonny 1% Kristiansand ,Norway:

good to see that russia is growing,,,
wish all brothers,,,
a good biker year,,


2014.02.03 frank 1%er:

hello brothers from russia
hoop to see you soon on party


2014.01.30 Пират:

Отличный сайт!!!

2014.01.23 franco:

Just passing by to say hello to you all bro in russia.
Greetz from power crew mechelen
Franco 1%er

2014.01.16 Alex.FranSS:

Сайт снова доступен! это не может не радовать! это хорошие новости!


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